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Creating a comprehensive security program to protect the commercial facilities, its tenants and visitors.

A building security program has many components, access control, camera surveillance, parking facility, tenants & visitor greeting, and much more.  The Security Company must research and analyze risks to the building to create a comprehensive security program to protect the building and its tenants and visitors.

Then come the specifics. People, technology or both must be implemented at all of the building’s entry points for access control. Policies for interior common area doors are also necessary. Parking areas need close attention too. What policies will you implement to manage the flow of visitors?

Finally, consider the logistics of enforcing the building’s security policies. Security Officers must patrol the grounds regularly, greeting and assisting tenants and visitors as well as deterring trouble – and stopping it when it arises.

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Our Seamless Transition Process

Companies are sometimes reluctant to switch long-time security vendors. We make the process simple and seamless.