Ensuring patient and staff safety and enhancing operations for years to come.
GSPG specializes in healthcare organizations of various capacities including low and high-risk security environments. We support and assist by applying specialized training and experience to provide a higher level of safety & security. We provide positive interactions with patients, guest, visitors and the staff. Our instinctive ability to assess and de-escalate situations, determine the best approach and/or course of action to move continuously towards the solution without compromising the caring atmosphere. Furthermore, by closely monitoring all entrances and exits of your facility, we protect patient privacy and help prevent theft of medical supplies & equipment.

Facilities we serve:

Emergency Rooms
Urgent Care
Clinics & Medical Offices
Birth Centers
Blood Banks
Diabetes Education Centers
Hospice Homes

HealthCare Services

Our Seamless Transition Process

Companies are sometimes reluctant to switch long-time security vendors. We make the process simple and seamless.