Our Services


Helping federal, state and local overcome resources shortage.

Commercial Real Estate

Creating a comprehensive security program to protect the commercial facilites, its tenants and visitors


Protecting the Banking industry


Travel agencies and corporates will be more likely to show preference for hotels that invest in security from a duty of care and due diligence perspective than hotels that do not.


Provide tailored industrial security services based on the facility’s needs and specific goals


Providing a safe educational environment in collaboration with the students, staff, faculty and visitors


We believe your home should be a safe haven; a sanctuary of peace without worry of what canbe a sometimes “cruel society”.

Health Care

GSPG specializes in healthcare organizations of various capacities including low and high-risk security environments.


At GSPS we understand the unique needs of our transportation and transit clients and make it a priority to partner with the aviation, maritime and public transit industries of all sizes to provide the best possible solutions for their security programs.


GSPS offers security services to protect offshore and onshore utility infrastructures and utilize a client specific quality evaluation system, which measures internal operating efficiencies and performance on-site.